donald trump pakistan flag

Photo via Yuriy Boyko/Shutterstock Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr | Remix by April Siese

Just like a real president.

Look at you, Donald Trump. You became president! Do you even know what the president does? Or that it takes thousands to staff the White House and that the outgoing administration’s workers don’t just come with the place like servants?

Forget all that shit. Not important when your whole being exudes MAGA.

What you do know is that it’s every president’s birthright to have an incredibly stupid conspiracy theory made up about them. You helped bestow President Obama with one, skipping hand-in-hand with the forgettable Orly Taitz towards the burgeoning birther movement.

That shit sure took off, Donald. In fact, it was yuge! So tremendous that it’s coming back into style. And guess who’s at the center of it? You!

What up, Dawood?

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