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Illma Gore/Tumblr

Realistic nude painting of Donald Trump will make you gouge your eyes out

Take a look at that Trump trunk.


Gabe Bergado

Internet Culture

This article contains sexually explicit content. 

Have you ever wondered what Donald Trump looks like nude? If you answered “yes,” know that you’re not alone—because there are most definitely other people out there who have imagined what the presidential candidate in the buff. 

If you answered “no” and are now thinking to yourself “disgusting!”—well, you’re still imagining naked Trump. Because once the idea gets into your mind, it’ll burrow deep until you have mentally rendered what you think he looks like with no clothes on.

This brings us to our main point. Thankfully, and also sort of not thankfully, artist Illma Gore has painted Mr. Trump like one of Jack Dawson’s French girls in Titanic. This masterpiece will probably make you shriek and squirm, but also go, “Yeah, that dick size makes sense.” 

Lo and behold:

We can’t say that this is exactly what Trump looks like stripped down. We can say that it’s totally believable, though. I guess we’ll just have to wait until Trump exposes himself to factcheck these raw features. 

Gore has made a high quality version of her artwork available on her website, so go download it for free. Make it your phone background. Print it on stickers. Hang it in your saloon along with some other fine dick art.

Some Trump supporters have come after Gore for the painting, but she’s got a message for them:

And for the most part, people seem to be loving this glimpse of Trump undressed.

And for all of you ~uncomfortable~ about seeing a penis, Gore has also whipped up another painting that covers up Trump’s nether regions

Make America great again—one nude painting at a time. 

Photos via Illma Gore

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