Someone keeps messing with this woman’s Donald Trump signs

vandalized donald trump sign

Photo via @MarParNews/Twitter

She’s not backing down.

If you’re gonna go after Donald Trump, you want to hit him where it hurts: right in his voter base. But no matter what you do, his supporters—including a certain resident of Lynchburg, Virginia—will likely continue to put Trump campaign signs on their front lawn, even as people spray paint “I’M RACIST” on them.

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This proud Trump voter is Joyce McGrath, and this totally isn’t the first time she’s had problems with her signs—her first was stolen by someone (read: hero). “People are trying to destroy our freedom, but luckily I have extra Trump signs,” she told ABC 13.

Since then, she’s stacked up on signs, getting 15 more from the Virginia campaign coordinator. “They want to destroy my signs, I’ll continue to replace them, so everybody watch out,” said McGrath. 

Well, when the United States is finally under Trump’s control, we know who’ll be in charge of scrubbing graffiti off the border wall.

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