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‘This is a crime against humanity’: Customer says Domino’s gave her ranch instead of icing for cinnamon knots

'It should be illegal to eat them w/o icing.'


Braden Bjella

Internet Culture

Posted on Jan 3, 2023

Everyone who orders delivery food has been there at one point or another. You order your meal and wait for it to arrive—but when it finally does, the restaurant has made a mistake.

Sometimes, these mistakes can be confusing, as TikToker Lil’ Lo (@lilloworldwide) recently discovered in a video with over one million views.

According to Lil’ Lo, the user had ordered cinnamon knots with extra icing from Domino’s. When the knots arrived, there was no icing to be found—and in its place, there was ranch dressing.

“This is a crime against humanity,” jokes Lil’ Lo in the caption.

@lilloworldwide @Domino’s Pizza ♬ original sound – Lil’ Lo ✊🏽🇧🇿

In the comment section, some users shared her passion.

“At that point they gotta just refund my whole order cuz………you tryna be funny?” wrote one user.

“I would cry honestly,” added another. “I specifically order dominoes for the cinnamon knots.”

Many other viewers shared their own delivery woes.

“Different place, same type of BS! I got a full refund from WingStop because literally EVERYTHING was wrong and I waited over an hour for it,” claimed a user.

“Theyve given me garlic with my cinnamon knots before,” shared a second. “I gave every knot to my kids because it should be illegal to eat them w/o icing.”


In Lil’ Lo’s case, she later went to the Domino’s herself to get the proper sauce, opting to “[go] up there instead of making the delivery person come back out,” per her comment on a later video.

@lilloworldwide Replying to @saiyannaenae ♬ original sound – Lil’ Lo ✊🏽🇧🇿

While she was there, she gave her ranch dressing to customers who were trying to buy some. She then received her icing for free, though in her video she chides the employees for not apologizing for the error.

Some claimed that Lil’ Lo was too “aggressive” in her approach, with several users remarking that Lil’ Lo was asking for too much in response to a mistake.

However, in an Instagram direct message conversation with Daily Dot, Lil’ Lo says that commenters were often simply missing the humor of the video. For example, many took Lil’ Lo’s desire for “free pizza for a year” as genuine.

“Obviously no, I didn’t actually ask for free pizza for a year, but we can have a funeral for the joke if you guys can all join me this weekend,” Lil’ Lo says in a follow-up.

In some cases, the failure to read this humor, and an inability to accurately recognize Lil’ Lo’s tone across her videos, has led to racist responses from commenters.

“They started calling me ‘loud’ and ‘aggressive’ from when I was standing in my own kitchen,” says Lil’ Lo. “I honestly thought by showing that not only did I give the ranch to someone else and that I said ‘please’ and ‘thank’ you to the employee would disprove that. But I also probably should’ve expected it—in real life, Black women sticking up for themselves in any demeanor is considered ‘rude’ and ‘aggressive.’ And the internet lets people let all their microaggressions out in real-time.”

“I was pleasantly surprised, however, at how many people responded to those people saying ‘you’re just saying this because she’s black,’ ‘stop trying to gaslight this girl,’ and calling out the tone policing,” she continued. “That made me happy.”

She also said she didn’t actually expect a response from Domino’s as she “didn’t make any demands,” and that the video was not recorded on New Year’s Eve as many commenters had assumed. 

That said, Lil’ Lo did have a message for Domino’s.

In an Instagram message to Daily Dot, Lil’ Lo proclaimed, “Domino’s, the people have spoken. Bring back the CINNA STIX!”

The Daily Dot reached out to Domino’s via email.

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*First Published: Jan 3, 2023, 9:54 am CST