Funny dogs on drugs twitter meme: picture of drugged up dog

Image via smack_that/Twitter

This is your dog on drugs—and it’s pretty adorable

Dogs after they get pain medicine is an excellent new Twitter niche.


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It’s never fun when you have to take you dog to the vet, and it’s even worse to find out they need surgery. But if there’s an upside to the stress, bills, and general anxiety that accompanies such visits, it’s that you get some pretty good pictures of your dog doped up on drugs.

Twitter user @smack_that, whose real name is Sarah, had to take her dog to get seven tumors removed. Then, she posted a picture of Oscar all doped up after he got out of surgery.

That is one drugged-up dog.

Twitter ate it up, retweeting her picture over 100,000 times. More importantly, everyone starting sharing pics of their pups post-surgery.

It’s not just dogs that look goofy after they come out from under anesthesia. Cat likes drugs, too.

But back to the dogs.

As for Oscar, he’s doing alright. And he’s got a good nurse. A cat nurse to be exact.

That Chompers. He’s alright, too.

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