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God, in his infinite wisdom, has chosen to resurrect 2017’s favorite meme.

The “Distracted Boyfriend” meme started life as a bit of stock photography. In the photo, we see a guy ogling an attractive woman while his girlfriend looks on disgusted.

distracted boyfriend meme movie trailer Photo via Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock (Licensed)

It made the perfect meme because you could cast the three characters as anything you wanted.

It hit hard around August of 2017, so you’d think by now people would be done with it. Yet, somehow, miraculously, the meme has creeped into 2018. Maybe because it had a little help from an all-powerful, all-knowing being called God.

Everyone knows The Almighty likes to work in mysterious ways, which of course includes Twitter.

The story that God is choosing to remind us of, through his humble servant Astrobabe, is the time he told a man named Lot to gather up his wife and daughters and leave a wicked city before he destroyed it. God warned them not to look back, but Lot’s wife was like, “I’m just gonna take a little peak.” So God decided it would be funny to turn her into a pillar of salt. Later, to celebrate, the daughters got the dad drunk and had sex with him, but that part isn’t included in the meme.

The tweet, in accordance with divine will, quickly went viral racking up over 20,000 retweets and over 60,000 likes in just two days.

Although, there are always going to be a few non-believers out there.

(By the way, here is Darlene’s Twitter bio: “Open-minded, freethinking, compassionate, creative…”)

After the Tweet went viral, Astrobabe, no doubt feeling the shame of breaking the eighth commandment, wanted to let everyone know the meme was originally posted to Tumblr by someone else.

Silly Astrobabe, we all know the true source of the meme. Resurrection, after all, can only come from on high.

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