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‘This could potentially send someone to the hospital‘: Diabetic TikToker calls out Taco Bell worker for lying about giving her diet Baja Blast

'Train your employees not to murder diabetic people'


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Posted on Oct 5, 2021   Updated on Oct 13, 2021, 12:24 pm CDT

A diabetic TikToker has asked Taco Bell to train its employees to “not murder diabetic people” in a recent post that has gone viral. 


Hey @tacobell please train your employees not to murder diabetic people. #type1diabetes #t1d #diabetes #diabetesproblems #tacobell #dm1

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The TikToker, @tempestuo, videotaped her testing the glucose levels of an alleged zero-sugar Baja Blast from the fast food chain by pouring some onto her hand and using a test strip. The results show 251 mg/dL, which indicates that the drink is not in fact diet. 

The text overlay says that she asked Taco Bell to triple check that it was diet and not regular. People with type 1 diabetes, like the TikToker, have to constantly monitor their blood glucose levels, and if they are outside of the normal range it can lead to severe and dangerous effects. 

“I’m not blaming Taco Bell as a company, and I know it’s not “murder”, but this has happened before and my BG was 560 before I noticed,” the TikToker commented under her own post. “I’d rather not have to be vomiting and hallucinating because somebody lied. This is why I test.”

Several commenters said they work at Taco Bell or like companies and that they take this kind of thing very seriously. 

“Work at tbell^ if you have the receipt, do the survey. The RGM and higher ups take it very seriously, rate it as low as you can and add every detail and it’ll flag it, they’ll receive the survey within the same hour and take action for that particular store, I’m sorry that happened though :(,” wrote @jassilie. 

“I work at taco bell and i’m very serious about making sure people get baja blast zero when they ask. I know how serious it is. Sorry this happened,” said @silkviolence.

Others jumped on the TikToker, saying she might be being dishonest and that she is reacting too harshly. 

“Completely inaccurate as we don’t know what substances you may have had on your hand that would affect the reading,” commented @bigjerm85. 

“First off, it’s not going to murder you. Second, watch them draw it or fill it yourself,” wrote @nottodaystalker. 

But many defended the TikToker, saying they understand how serious this issue is and that diabetics shouldn’t have to be fearful of ordering food. 

“I feel like people don’t realize this could potentially send someone to the hospital,” commented @bs1395. 

“The people in these comments saying just don’t get pop or go to fast food places, y’all do not pass the vibe check,” wrote @torihalavick. 

“Y’all are insane. You would be upset too if every time you went somewhere they always gave you coke when you asked for sprite – yes there is more at stake here but like this is also 100% not what she asked for 🤨 just get people what they ask for and double check when they insist for their sake,” said @subparsadness. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Taco Bell via email and to the TikToker via comment section. 

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*First Published: Oct 5, 2021, 5:30 pm CDT