Here are 9 of the best Twitter #DadJokes made during Tim Kaine’s DNC speech

Tim Kaine DNC

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People on Twitter got pretty hyped over Tim Kaine’s DNC speech.

On Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention, vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine took to the stage and Twitter went wild. 

Hillary Clinton may like Kaine because he’s boring, and many suggested he was a “safe pick.” But America has decided it loves Kaine because he’s the supportive and dorky dad we’ve always wanted.

Now forget everything you’re doing and let’s get to the #DadJokes:

Hey, Tim … adopt us all. 

Allison Keves

Allison Keves

Aly Keves is a former Realtime Social Editor at the Daily Dot. While most of her time was spent on Twitter, she made time to write about 'The Bachelor,' adorable videos, and 'The Golden Girls.' She lives in New York City and became Bloomberg's Audience Engagement Editor in 2016.

Melanie Price

Melanie Price

Melanie Price is the senior social media editor at the Daily Dot.