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Explore your literary side this summer with these writing courses

Keep cool, stay safe, write a book.


Colette Bennett

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Lots of cities in lots of states are opening up in some capacity, but that doesn’t mean the pandemic is over or that this summer won’t present its own challenges. Whether you’re someone who isn’t quite ready to get out there or you’d frankly rather not deal with the limitations, it sure seems like a good time to stay in the air conditioning and challenge yourself in a different way: creatively.  

The Digital Creative Fiction Writing Certification Bundle offers more than just online lessons in how to become a better creative writer (though it surely does that with its 128 hours of content). Because having a creative outlet (and writing specifically) is beneficial to your mental health, this 4-course bundle also offers a way to calm your mind, express your emotions, and produce art to share with the world as you wish.

A great place to start is with the 14 interactive lectures of the basics of fiction course. You’ll get to work on several key facets of writing such as character, plot, setting, symbolism, dialogue, and narrative voice. If you’ve had an idea for a novel bouncing around already, this course will help you get started on it from the get-go. If not, it will show you how to take your raw ideas and transform them into original plots as well as which genres you may be best suited to. It even includes an introduction to the publishing industry so you can familiarize yourself with what it takes to get your writing out in front of people.

One of the most lucrative options? Romance fiction! Romance novels bring in over one billion dollars a year. Uncover the secrets to romance novel success with the 28 hours of training in this dedicated course. Add spice to your characters’ lives in rom-coms, gritty sagas, sweeping historicals, seductive short stories, smoldering erotica, or nearly any other type of fiction you’re working on. 

If you relate to VSCO girls more than to the typical romance novel audience, perhaps you’d be a great young adult writer. The 36-hour YA course will help you discover the vital ingredients that are present in every successful young adult book, including the likes of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight, and Divergent series.

But if you’ve watched every episode of PAW Patrol with your nephew—and enjoyed it—you won’t want to miss any of the 18 lessons in the children’s writing course. Learn everything you need to know to inspire the next generation through words designed to do just that. Writing children’s books and getting them published has its own set of “rules” to navigate, but thanks to this training you’ll know exactly what to do.

Each of the four well-reviewed courses are developed by Write Academy’s elite team of bestselling authors, editors, and publishers. Join over 200,000 students who’ve explored their literary side and pick up the Digital Creative Fiction Writing Certification Bundle while it’s on sale for just $29.99.

Prices subject to change.

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