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‘Arrow’ star addresses post about his sexuality on Tumblr

‘Was it a secret?’


Michelle Jaworski

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Arrow star Colton Haynes may have opened up about his sexuality in a new Tumblr post.

Fans have been debating Haynes’s sexuality for years, although Haynes has always kept mum about it. But on Saturday, he decided to respond to one of those posts.

The original poster had heard about his “secret gay past,” and was excited to learn about it. Haynes responded in a reblog, focusing in on one particular point: He had no idea his past was a secret.

He didn’t elaborate further on the post or his sexuality or label himself (something more celebrities are doing as of late), but some fans—and some reports—are reading into the comment as though Haynes had officially just come out of the closet.

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Some are looking at it with a more critical eye: Haynes didn’t label himself as gay, he only addressed a part of his past—one he doesn’t regret. For one, he did a 2006 photoshoot for X&Y Magazine that features him kissing another man. Others didn’t see the need to label Haynes or had already figured that he was out.

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Whatever the case may be, Haynes is living with no regrets, which fits with a tweet he posted only a day earlier about a pledge for the new year.

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