Chris Christie’s 5XL gym shorts allegedly for sale on eBay

chris christie with big pants playing softball

The Big Shorts.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie, a fallen presidential candidate who now stands behind former rival Donald J. Trump, is widely known as a rather large man. Time once cruelly called him “The Elephant in the Room,” though many people across Internet have said far worse. 

And, adding insult to insult, someone on eBay now claims to be selling the “elephant’s” 5XL athletic shorts.


These workout duds were allegedly worn and signed by the governor, a former varsity baseball catcher. “Stay in shape,” reads the dedication, rendered in gold pen. 

Christie himself did not, exactly. However, he was the unofficial MVP of a celebrity softball game at Yankee Stadium last year.

“We cannot guarantee that the shorts were ever worn by the owner, they probably were,” writes the seller, who notes that the shorts are for sale because their current owner “is disillusioned about the Situation [sic] involving Christie and Trump.”

TMZ points out that the scrawl on the large garment doesn’t look much like Christie’s official signature. Signatures change over time, and autographing clothes is an acquired skill, but whoever wrote on the shorts added “gov. NJ” to the message, implying these were signed in the past six years. Suspicious! 

And yet, the current high bidder is willing to pay $227.50 to own this piece of… history, I guess? 

Ask yourself, though: If this were a troll’s attempt to fat-shame Christie, rather than an authentic sale of the governor’s own shorts, would it look actually look any different?

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Jay Hathaway

Jay Hathaway

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