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‘They limit what people are allowed to tip you’: Chili’s customer calls out kiosk tip limit in PSA

‘That’s why I only cash tip in hand.’


Brooke Sjoberg

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A TikTok showing a payment kiosk limiting the amount customers can tip their servers has sparked interest on the platform, where the video has been viewed more than 717,000 times.

In the video, TikTok user @thatdumbdiver is attempting to leave a $12.00 tip. After pressing enter, the kiosk displays a message stating that the tip exceeds the allowed amount.

@thatdumbdiver Not sure if this is at every chili’s but it should be looked in to! It cost my server some money today since I didn’t have cash. #scam #viral #checkyourchilis @Chili’s Grill & Bar ♬ original sound – Thatdumbdiver

“To anyone working at Chili’s just know they limit what people are allowed to tip you,” a text overlay on the video reads.

The TikToker wrote that they created the video to raise awareness of the kiosk’s limitations, which they hope the restaurant chain will address.

Some suggested that the limit is in place in order to prevent fraud and theft.

“It’s to stop theft, tips over a certain % need manager approval,” one commenter wrote.

“If the tip is more than what you ordered it needs a managers approval that is any restaurant,” another commenter wrote. “It’s a fail safe so customer can’t say that they didn’t mean to tip that much if they pay with the server directly instead tablet they can tip whatever.”

“Coltons Steakhouse is the same way,” a commenter wrote. “You have to have a manager enter the tip if it exceeds a certain percentage of the bill.”

@thatdumbdiver clarified to viewers that they had asked the manager to override in order to leave the tip, but they could not figure out how to do so.

Many commenters suggested the TikToker should have tipped with cash. In response, they wrote that they typically do but did not have cash on hand at this particular juncture.

The Daily Dot reached out to @thatdumbdiver via TikTok comment and to Chili’s via email.

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