These ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ snowmen are perfect if you’re sick of Christmas cheer

Calvin and Hobbes Snowmen


If only they sold these angry snowmen alongside regular Christmas decorations.

If you’re already sick of seeing Christmas decorations everywhere, you’re not alone. Cutesy holiday-themed lawn ornaments are probably the worst, but fortunately this Etsy artist has the solution: Calvin and Hobbes snowmen.

Calvin’s horrible snowmen are a staple of the classic Bill Watterson comics, as each winter brings a new tableau of snow monsters decapitating each other or cannibalizing their own bodies to make ice cream cones. They’re basically the pinnacle of the snowman art form, and artist Sean Daigle’s versions are a perfect tribute. 

Daigle goes by the Etsy name UnfortunateFace, and usually works on other types of pop art. But after a spending Thanksgiving painting a seven-foot wooden Calvin and Hobbes painting for his porch, it looks like he just kept going until he ran out of snowman ideas.

Some more #lifesize #calvinandhobbes #snowmen paintings for my front yard. Now its just a waiting game for my neighbors to start complaining. #travisheights #billwaterson #austin #christmasdecorations

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Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson never licensed his characters for use on T-shirts and merchandise, but there’s nothing stopping fans working on noncommercial projects like this. Honestly, we wish we had the time and skill to make some of those angry snowman ornaments ourselves. They’re an ideal antidote to overzealous holiday cheer.

Photo via UnfortunateFace/Instagram

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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