Photos of rabbits riding London busses

Photo via MattHepburnClan/Twitter JoDuffy91/Twitter

Busy bunny bussing around London causes commuter commotion

How did this hare even pay its bus fare?


Samantha Grasso

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Have you heard the one about the London Overground and the hare?

One fluffy bunny is going viral after hopping aboard a London bus and casually going for a ride, without an owner in sight.

Twitter user Matt Hepburn captured the Petter Cottontail (or Cottontransit, perhaps? Cottontrain?) aboard the bus with a single photo and the only caption that could possibly describe the seriousness and serendipity of the situation: “There’s a rabbit on my bus.”

Naturally, the internet wanted to know, where did he come from? And where did he go? Where did he come from, this Cottontail Joe?

Well, apparently this li’l bun gets around and was spotted on the Overground once before.

Perhaps the bus bunny was bugging out over being a tad bit tardy for a seemingly momentous occasion?

Could it have been related to at least one of these bunnies in Manchester?

It’s OK though—Hepburn was able to talk to the bunny’s owner, and as it turns out, this is like, a normal day for it.

“Apparently he does this often,” Hepburn wrote, stating the owner was sitting a few seats away. However, though it’s not completely clear if the hare is the one who “does this” and rides the bus often, or if the owner rides the bus with the bunny often, but just gives it space.

In fact, this “laid back space hippy” of an owner has sparked more questions than answers: If he rides with the rabbit, does he wait for the rabbit’s signal to hop off the bus? If the rabbit rides alone, how does it reach the buttons letting the driver know it would like to get off at the last stop? What circumstances in this world have brought together a bus-riding rabbit and a space hippy?

The world may never know.

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