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Weird Twitter is mercilessly roasting Brianna Wu’s potential campaign logo

They’re saying it looks like she’s starting a metal band.


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Brianna Wu, the game developer and activist who is now running for Congress, unveiled a potential new logo Wednesday. To say the internet is roasting it is a tremendous understatement. A design hasn’t been this creatively, viciously critiqued since Under Armour released the much-maligned Curry 2 Low ‘Chef Curry’ shoe nearly a year ago.

Here’s what Wu’s idea for a bumper sticker design looks like, in a now deleted tweet:

brianna wu logo twitter: screengrab of brianna wu deleted tweet
Screengrab via K. Thor Jensen/Twitter

And here’s what people are saying about it:

The savage roast-a-thon seems to have begun when Zack Parsons, a Something Awful writer and centerpiece of Weird Twitter, retweeted the logo:

The sick burns aren’t coming from Gamergaters, the group of misogynistic gamers and 4chan denizens that’s been harassing and threatening Wu since she stood up to them in 2014. They’re mostly coming from the segment of Weird Twitter that’s best equipped to spend dozens of tweets comedically trashing a design on aesthetic grounds.

It’s reminiscent of the time Something Awful veterans Jon “Fart” Hendren and David “Arr” Thorpe got into a Twitter feud over Hendren’s monumentally ugly sneakers. The Comedy Roast of Fart’s Shoes went on in earnest for eight months and is still occasionally revived when someone remembers how funny it was.

Well, Wu’s logo is now getting the same treatment as those hideous leopard-print Vans. It’s what Twitter does best.

And they’re not letting up:

Wu hasn’t commented on the buzz around her potential logo, but she did delete the tweet Wednesday afternoon. She also posted this reply to someone who gently suggested it could be more legible:

It’s not a total waste if she doesn’t use it. A whole bunch of clowns on Twitter already have.

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