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People are calling out this ‘boyfriend haul’ TikTok trend for using racist terms

‘This trend is giving me GET OUT vibes.’


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Boyfriend hauls, where women show off their boyfriends to the camera, describing them like the contents of a Shein or other shopping haul, are all over TikTok. But as a number of Black creators have pointed out, this trend becomes problematic fast when the boyfriend in question is Black.


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While the trend might be funny or cute when women are showing off their white boyfriends, though even then many find the whole thing uncomfortable, the history of racism and chattel slavery paints a very different picture when it’s a Black man being presented as an object of sale.

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Black creators have been calling these videos out, explaining exactly what’s wrong with them and how racist it is to present your Black partner as an object that you’ve “bought”.

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TikToker NotWildlin even created a satirical video, illuminating exactly how closely these TikToks resemble the slave auctions, and the dehumanization of Black men, of the not-so-distant past.


First time i saw this trend i knew it was going south

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Despite numerous Black creators calling this trend out for some time now, the boyfriend haul trend is still ongoing, though it’s starting to slow down.

The Daily Dot has reached out to NotWildlin for comment and will update if he responds.

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