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Everything insane about Bitcoin in 1 glorious Twitter feed

Delve into a thriving market community where self-awareness gets checked at the door. 


Miles Klee

Internet Culture

By now it’s clear that Bitcoin, aside from making a few people rich and bankrupting a couple others, is the focal point for an entire manic subculture. Almost any message board has a thread devoted to the cryptocurrency, and many sites exist solely as forums in which to discuss (but mainly argue) about price fluctuations and the future of the market.

Obviously, only a crazy person would go wading through all that chatter. Instead, you may read a lovingly distilled version through @bitcoin_txt, a Twitter feed in the tradition of other context-obliterating accounts like @PUA_txt, which collects quotes from the pick-up artist community, or @fanfiction_txt, an ode to the bizarre imaginations of amateur authors. 

What you get by following @bitcoin_txt, meanwhile, is a unique blend of Libertarian Economics 101, resolute denial, half-baked techno-futurism, Photoshop memes, and of course—with an overwhelming majority of Bitcoin users being male—casual sexism. Especially in the wake of this week’s China-related crash, which saw Bitcoin prices plunge by 50% and stoked talk of investor suicide, some of these comments have been astounding. 

High volatility is good for Bitcoin. I have been very consistent on this position. The people who say that volatility is bad are wrong.

— bitcoin.txt (@bitcoin_txt) December 20, 2013

— bitcoin.txt (@bitcoin_txt) December 20, 2013

Bitcoin is freedom of speech. A notion a Chinese citizen cannot even google search.

— bitcoin.txt (@bitcoin_txt) December 19, 2013

Hi guys! I would like to purchase a Guy Fawkes mask! I would like to purchase it with bitcoins!.

— bitcoin.txt (@bitcoin_txt) December 19, 2013

Seriously women and bitcoin don’t mix at the moment…they don’t like IT and they are terrible at security and remembering things.

— bitcoin.txt (@bitcoin_txt) December 18, 2013

in essence, Bitcoin economically spanks you for making bad choices, it forces people to learn to express their economic power rationally.

— bitcoin.txt (@bitcoin_txt) December 18, 2013

relax for a few years ,i think 20 coins could exceed 1 million usd…its just a matter of time imo

— bitcoin.txt (@bitcoin_txt) December 18, 2013

It’s official, I’m hitched and Bitcoin can prove it. I just submitted a hash of my marriage certificate to the blockchain.

— bitcoin.txt (@bitcoin_txt) December 17, 2013

Sold my car on craigslist today to invest in bitcoins

— bitcoin.txt (@bitcoin_txt) December 14, 2013

being blackmailed for ฿400,000+ by a crazy guy who thinks he has proven I am Satoshi Nakamoto

— bitcoin.txt (@bitcoin_txt) December 14, 2013

The die-hards always claim Bitcoin isn’t a bubble, but to all appearances, they’re living in it.

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