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Hot new conspiracy theory suggests that Beyoncé has a clone

We totally believe it.


Jaya Saxena

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Ever since Lemonade dropped, Beyoncé fans and the media have wondered just who “Becky with the good hair” is. But now, one theory posits that Becky could be… Beyoncé herself??? Well, not really herself, but a clone.

The conspiracy was brought to our attention by the Root, which posted this screenshot from a True Believer:

via The Root

The evidence is pretty damning.

Jaya Saxena

There’s more: If Beyoncé has one or more clones, it could explain the great Blue Ivy Pregnancy Confusion of 2011, as obviously a different Beyoncé carried Blue Ivy to term while Original Beyonce met with the press.

And who else but a clone would have fallen down at the Super Bowl halftime show? Real Beyoncé has never been this clumsy!

Or perhaps the Beyoncé who fell was Beyoncé 1.0, as she admits that when she performs, the person who comes out is Sasha Fierce. She says it’s an alternate personality, but that’s just what they want us to believe.

The clone theory could also explain why she was acting so strangely at this Brooklyn Nets game. Perhaps the Illuminati hadn’t provided her clone with enough protein supplements that day?

In fact, her clones are being pimped out by the Illuminati for financial gain. Just listen to this very convincing YouTuber!

Right now, the most compelling theory is that the entity we know as “Beyoncé” is actually multiple clones working as pop star, wife, mother, and business mogul all at once. However, there’s a counter-theory that Beyoncé Knowles was actually killed year 2000—and replaced by a reptilian.

But if indeed there were a Beyoncé clone—or multiple clones—then it’s entirely possible that Jay Z mistook one for the other and had an affair with his own wife’s doppelgänger. With evidence like that, it’s flat-out impossible to believe there’s just one Beyoncé. Wake up, sheeple!

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