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Betty White trends for her birthday—and everyone assumes the worst

She’s fine. Don’t jinx it!


Samantha Grasso

Internet Culture

If there’s anything 2016 taught us it’s that when a beloved personality starts trending on social media, you better pray to your God that it’s because they were in a funny video, or were just sassed by President-elect Donald Trump, and not the unthinkable: that they’ve died.

Which is why when Betty White was trending this morning for her 95th birthday, the internet understandably jumped to conclusions and thought the entertainer to be, well, dead.

when you see betty white trending but it’s her birthday.

— old cash. (@ShamoniFans) January 17, 2017

Yup, Twitter damn near cancelled 2017 thanks to White. It’s cool though ’cause, you know, she’s still very much alive.

After the tail end of 2016 claimed both Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds, a brave vigilante set up a GoFundMe campaign to stand guard of White until the end of the year. The organizer ended up raising more than $9,200, all of which was donated to the Spartanburg Little Theater in South Carolina. (White presumably didn’t take him up on the offer.)

Despite White’s liveliness, her age has really sent the internet into a frenzy, not just once, but twice before in the past month—first, after the GoFundMe campaign went viral, and second when fans cheered her survival on Jan. 1.

White told Katie Couric that the campaign surprised her, but was grateful for the fans who “spoil her rotten.” She “enjoys every minute of it.”



It’s fine, folks. White is alive and well. Just, you know, maybe knock on some wood today. For good measure…

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