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‘Best Actress’ the year you were born is the new zodiac sign

Those who got GOOP were less than thrilled.


Stacey Ritzen

Internet Culture

Earlier this month, the ubiquitous question “what’s your zodiac sign?” got turned on its head when a user posted on Twitter, “F*CK YOUR ZODIAC SIGN, whats your favorite lil peep song?” The tweet quickly took off as a meme, as others piled on with more modern, relatable ways of determining a personality type than what the Earth’s position around the sun was at the time of your birth.

Examples included everything from choice in Mario Kart player to a favorite episode of The Office to your preferred Whataburger order.

But as these things tend to go, the meme has mutated into something else entirely. Another person tweeted earlier this week: “Whoever won Best Actress the year you were born is your real Zodiac Sign.”

As far as memes go, this one is pretty easy to play along. Essentially, all you have to do is Google “best actress [year you were born]” and there you go.

Not surprisingly, the simplicity of the meme was likely in part conducive to its popularity, as hundreds began playing along.

Not everyone was so thrilled to have been born in 1999, however, when Gwyneth tearfully accepted the Oscar for Shakespeare in Love—if the original poster’s mentions were any indication:

Maybe in another 15 years or so, people will be talking about how they were Jennifer Lawrence or Brie Larson babies.

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