Bearded dragon dates are superior to human dates, according to Twitter.


Bearded dragons make very good dates, according to Twitter

Forget about a man, get you a bearded dragon.


Stacey Ritzen

Internet Culture

Posted on May 22, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 3:12 pm CDT

Even with the advent of Tinder or your dating app of choice, trying to find a partner in 2018 can be a dreadful excursion. Thankfully, there are alternatives to the dating scene—like bearded dragons.

Last Saturday night, a college student named Izzy (@danisnobunk) posted the following photo of her beloved pet bearded dragon “Petey” with a tub of cookie dough on Twitter, captioned “girls night with my bff.” She later posted another photo of Petey, this time posed with a mini eclair.

Izzy told the Daily Dot in a direct message that Petey is a very big girl for her age at 10-months-old, so she is currently on a diet, joking that the cookie dough was her “cheat day” meal. She says that Petey is “the sweetest little thing” and extremely tolerant and calm, so the two seem to spend a lot of time together.

Apparently, Izzy and Petey aren’t the only ones. Izzy’s tweets quickly went viral in the online bearded dragon community (which is very much A Thing), and others began sharing their own lizard date night photos.

Coincidentally, this week the National Review published a piece examining whether or not Americans are becoming too attached to their pets, making the argument that young people, in particular, are eschewing traditional marriages and families and choosing instead to bond with their animals.

The piece makes the argument that “society’s relationship with pets appears to have changed in unhealthy ways,” being that our pets shower us with unconditional positive affirmation and demand little in return, teaching young people to focus on purely their own happiness.

“Pets are great additions to our social world, but they are poor substitutes for the messier human relationships that make life worth living,” Clay Routledge writes.

Perhaps that’s true. But counterpoint: When was the last time you heard of someone getting ghosted by a bearded dragon?


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*First Published: May 22, 2018, 12:17 pm CDT