bbno$ planking with 'Diablo II' logo

bbnogames/YouTube remix by Jason Reed

Bbno$ is a product of the internet

The 27-year-old rapper is a viral content creator and a “gamer at heart.”


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In one of the latest music videos from 27-year-old Canadian musician Alexander Gumuchian, also known as bbno$ or baby no money, the early 2000s planking trend is seeing a nostalgic resurgence.

In the PowerPoint-style official music video for his new song “still,” photos transition on the screen of Gumuchian defying gravity by planking with his head in a toilet, in the arms of a construction worker, on the beach, under a bus. His fans also chime into the internet nerdiness, with photos of them planking on their favorite public landmarks.

“Still” is slow, sad, and features Gumuchian’s singing voice, unlike his most of his other music. He’s known for upbeat, fast-paced, comedic, chaotic, braggadocio-filled rap with viral hits like “Lalala” or “edamame.” But even with his saddest song “still,” funniness is at the heart of much of its social media promotion.

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