taylor swift lookalike

Taylor Swift lookalike TikToker claims she was uninvited from Grammys, sparking speculation and criticism

'So we all agree that she was never going, right?'

On Feb 6, 2023 by Charlotte Colombo

Keith Lee in costume on left and Keith Lee speaking on right in front of pink to blue gradient background Passionfruit Remix

Food TikToker Keith Lee speaks out against false rumors he stole someone’s TV idea, sparking debate about the dangers of innuendo online

'I have not once stolen anything or taken anything from anybody.'

On Feb 1, 2023 by Rebekah Harding

Amanda Golka in front of purple to blue vertical gradient background Passionfruit Remix

‘I don’t have a script 90% of the time’: Swell Entertainment’s Amanda Golka describes her candid approach to YouTube

‘I have seen so many creators balloon in popularity and then fall off, burnout, or want to change their content.’

On Jan 31, 2023 by Paige Lyman

woman greenscreen TikTok over another woman's TikTok with caption 'Boys who dont like kids' 'so again center of the eye cheekbone' (l) woman greenscreen TikTok over another woman's TikTok with caption 'and I wanna know if she's faking it or not' (c) woman greenscreen TikTok over another woman's TikTok with caption 'this is significantly lower than it should be' (r)

‘It never fully went away, and neither did my insecurities’: People think influencer known for facial scar is faking it for clout

'Not trying to be a bully, but it's just hard to believe.'

On Jan 25, 2023 by Rebekah Harding

Coffeezilla and Logan Paul in front of red to yellow gradient background Passionfruit Remix

What creators need to know about Logan Paul’s ‘CryptoZoo’ NFT scandal

Passionfruit spoke to Web3 commentator Coffeezilla and NFT experts to unpack Logan Paul’s ‘CryptoZoo’ controversy.

On Jan 24, 2023 by Steven Asarch

smiling man in front of ark to light blue vertical gradient background with Thinkific logo on bottom Passionfruit Remix

Thinkific CEO Greg Smith shares findings on the rise of the creator-educator

Here’s how creators can capitalize on the latest trends in education.

On Jan 19, 2023 by Alexandra Bower

Hasan Piker in front of blue to pink gradient background Passionfruit Remix

Streamer Hasan Piker was temporarily banned on Martin Luther King Jr. Day after getting mass reported

The popular leftist TikToker was temporarily banned over mass reporting of a Black Lives Matter video, he said.

On Jan 17, 2023 by Jacob Seitz

TikToker speaking with caption 'Waiting for the (tea kettle emoji)' 'Mattel Barbie sent me a cease and desist for having Barbie in my name' (l) Mattel sign outside of building (c) TikToker speaking with caption 'Waiting for the (tea kettle emoji)' 'but the only one that I know that's being targeted is me' (r)

‘Honestly, I was scared’: Bunny Barbie changes username after Mattel’s cease-and-desist

The TikTok star has over 2 million followers and has been using the name for over 15 years.

On Jan 12, 2023 by Elizabeth Rose

YouTube Kids on phone on table with children's craft supplies with yellow to pink diagonal gradient overlay Passionfruit Remix

Court says YouTube channels with children’s audiences like Ryan’s World, CookieSwirlC, Cartoon Network must defend against state-level children’s privacy class action lawsuit

An appeals court in California is allowing a class action lawsuit to continue against YouTube and several kids and family YouTube channels.

On Jan 11, 2023 by Franklin Graves

professional photographer working on photo with pink to orange vertical gradient background overlay Passionfruit Remix

Plus-size model and creator goes viral after sharing brand’s ‘alarming’ edits to campaign photos

'Gave you a whole new face.'

On Jan 10, 2023 by Charlotte Colombo

SungWon Cho in front of pink to orange vertical gradient background Passionfruit Remix

Internet legend SungWon Cho discusses parasociality, boundaries with fans, and more

‘I'm not out to maximize every single thing to be the biggest, most successful internet person.’

On Jan 10, 2023 by Grace Stanley

business team at table speaking in front of pink to orange background passionfruit remix

Top creator economy CEOs, agents, and business leaders share predictions for 2023

Business leaders at Snap, Pinterest, Discord, LinkTree, and more share what they are paying attention to.

On Jan 5, 2023 by Grace Stanley

Falon Fatemi on blue to purple gradient background Passionfruit Remix

Fireside co-founder Falon Fatemi breaks down the success of Web3 interactive shows

‘You get to be in the writer's room, you get to have input on programming, you get to be behind the scenes of the production process.’

On Jan 3, 2023 by Grace Stanley

Emily Durham and Leigh McClendon in front of yellow to pink gradient background Passionfruit Remix

‘There is a shift taking place’: The rise of the influencer-worker

More and more creators are opting to keep their day jobs.

On Dec 29, 2022 by Eve Upton-Clark

Ian Rae and Roger Cleye in front of blue to purple vertical gradient with musical pattern Passionfruit Remix

Meet the music men of TikTok: Rodger Cleye and Ian Rae

'I’ve got a lot of people who see me as their grandpa!'

On Dec 27, 2022 by Charlotte Colombo