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Grace Stanley is the Deputy Editor of Passionfruit, the Daily Dot’s sister site for creators, covering the latest creator news, labor issues, tools, and community resources. Grace’s work has been seen by millions on the Daily Dot. Starting as a reporter covering trending internet culture stories, they have become a go-to resource on all things related to the creator economy.

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Passionfruit newsletter: Copyright, copyright, copyright

Apparently, copyright abuse is our beat now at Passionfruit.

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picture of scarlett johansson next to a chatgpt logo and a passionfruit logo

Scarlett Johansson’s ChatGPT controversy sets an important precedent for creators

Something crucial is brewing with celebrities and AI.

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mcu characters on orange and pink background with text that reads issue 237 and a passionfruit creators logo

The Twitch streamers and Insta baddies of the MCU

Fans might be willing to overlook bad CGI, but not a denouncement from their favorite creator.

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gamer sitting at computer screaming with rage next to a passionfruit logo and text that reads issue 235

Can gamer rage be used for good?

Gamers are angry, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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faze clan reboot information next to a passionfruit logo

Esports group FaZe Clan ‘reboots,’ cutting 17 creators from its team

17 creators were kicked out of the org.

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a woman with a shocked expression next to an iphone and depiction of ai influencer with hand holding phone with instagram logo and a logo for passionfruit

Should creators be concerned about Instagram’s AI developments?

Instagram seems more interested in creating bad AI influencers than fixing its broken system.

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president joe biden next to tiktok logos and open letter text in background

Dear President Biden: TikTokers pen open letter to ‘stop the ban’

A collective of TikTokers is asking Biden to stop a potential TikTok ban in the United States.

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people reactions to the eclipse with online and science symbols in background

The conspiracy and camaraderie of the eclipse

The eclipse yesterday demonstrated the dichotomy of digital life.

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youtuber andrew callaghan next to a fox5 vegas kvvu-tv logo

YouTuber Andrew Callaghan speaks out against copyright strike from FOX5

His 97-minute documentary was taken down without warning.

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morgpie next to her butt with a green screen showing her playing fortnite and a twitch logo

Morgpie is an innovator

Twitch streamer Morgpie took green screening to a whole ‘nother level. On her butt.

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'Love is Blind' reality tv couple hugging on vintage television

Creators are embracing reality TV—here’s why they should reconsider

Creators like MrBeast are joining the reality TV world. But that world is facing an ethical reckoning.

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tiktok banned on phone with american flag in background

Sell or be banned: Why the latest bill to ban TikTok won’t solve the problem

A blanket ban is not the solution.

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alphabet workers union members on strike

Google axes unionized YouTube Music workers

The timing seems a little suspicious, to say the least.

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passionfruit logo and issue 215 mark above a content creator holding how much money they made and a phone showing tiktok logo

Passionfruit newsletter: How much money do creators really make?

The answer might be less than you’d expect.

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mrbeast surrounded by outlines of friends to portray nepotism in the creator economy

Passionfruit newsletter: Nepotism in the creator economy

Creators like MrBeast are hiring their friends and family members. But what happens when a mom-and-pop shop turns into a social media empire?

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