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Bacon burger stuffed with Reese’s peanut butter cups is absolutely real

All of it can be yours for slightly more than $12.


Josh Katzowitz

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Since it’s almost Halloween, we can expect candy to show up in places that we don’t necessarily expect. In a roasted beet salad, for example.

But what about in hamburgers? Apparently that idea sounded delicious to a burger chain in Canada. (And as far as the Works Gourmet Burger Bistro is concerned, Halloween isn’t even the reason for this monstrosity—they’re celebrating National Nut Day, which falls on Oct. 22.)

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To be fair, bacon and chocolate together sounds rather scrumptious, and from a personal experience, I’ve eaten delightful bacon cheeseburgers where the bun was actually a pair of doughnuts. So perhaps we should let our tastebuds decide before we universally condemn.

But first we’re going to have to get past all of this, well, weirdness.

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Oh, it’s also not the only new burger lately introduced by the Works.

The Frankenstein meal costs $15.98 Canadian, or about $12 American, which seems rather expensive until you realize that candy is marked way up this time of year for Halloween—and it rarely comes with bacon.

Though Delish noted that “just looking at this burger leaves a strange taste in our mouths,” the Works creation garnered at least one positive review.

Still, for all of those saddened by Monday’s World Health Organization announcement that bacon and red meat cause cancer, here’s hoping that the introduction of chocolate will make your burger safer. Studies have shown that chocolate is good for your heart, circulation, and brain, and those are the studies on which we should focus all of our attention.

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