Teen trolls art world with $15,000 earrings supposedly made from his nipples

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The fleshiest accessories around.

If you’re searching for jewelry that’s one-of-a-kind, look no further than Karim Boumjimar’s new line of fashion accessories. He may not have put his blood, sweat, and tears into them, but he did sacrifice a fair amount of his actual flesh.

The 18-year-old artist had his nipples and belly button removed so that he could sell the body parts as jewelry pieces, asking £10,000 ($14,430) for each. Talk about titillating. 

Selling my nipples, £10,000 no time wasters

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Now, before you freak out, we’re a bit a skeptical that this kid actually ripped off these body parts. In an interview last week with Paper, he said:

I have been a troll online for a few months, I don’t know what I was before. My work revolves around what is real and what isn’t real online, and how that extends into the real life.

So while people are barraging him with comments on Instagram like “WTF HELP” and “It is so insane I want to stab my eyeballs out,” it’s quite possible that this is just an elaborate prank. Also, who really thinks that their nipples would sell for nearly $15,000? They ain’t Bulgari.

Boumjimar also uploaded pictures of his nipple-free chest to Instagram, but where there should be scars, you can see a blur effect that anybody would be able to achieve with Photoshop

Honestly, this artist could really have had his nipples and belly button removed for art. But in considering all the clues, we’re thinking this is more about social media performance.

And if we’re wrong, we can’t wait to see someone put on those nipple earrings. 

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