armed robber memes


Everyone is responding to an armed robber in this Twitter meme

Continue hiding under the bed….or respond?


Siobhan Ball

Internet Culture

A new variation on the find “X” in a crowd meme—where you shout something the person you’re looking for would find offensive and need to correct—is sweeping Twitter. Similar to the shave and a haircut bit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the meme format involves a person hiding under the bed from an armed robber. The robber says something that the person can’t help but respond to.

‘Armed Robber’ memes

The meme seems to have started in late August, with this tweet by user @Real_jeaflex.

Quite a lot of the ones that came next also feature song lyrics, often from songs with particular resonance for age or cultural groups.

People are also sharing their professional pet peeves.

Including Dr. Jen Gunter, the internet’s favorite gynaecologist (don’t read the follow-up comments, people are gross).

Grammar came up a lot, because if there’s one thing people like to be persnickety about on the internet, it’s grammar.

And naturally, Fandom Twitter got in on it.

Then there were the more personal ones.

Some of which are pretty relatable, even if you’re not a skin bitch or cat person.

Plus a quick jab at internet reply guys.

There’s still time to get on this yourself so go ahead and tweet what would get you out from under the bed.


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