Arizona llama chase captivates work-weary Internet

Two llamas gave authorities in Sun City, Ariz., quite the chase on Thursday afternoon, delighting a global audience of people stuck at work with nothing better to do.

As the llamas escaped local law enforcement officers time and again, a live stream from ABC 15 became a treasured resource for untold numbers of llama-watchers. Every time the llamas escaped officers’ clutches, the people cheered.

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Of course, people tied this story to the biggest news of the day: the FCC’s net neutrality vote.

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ABC 15 eventually realized that it had gold on its hands and tried to capitalize on all the attention to its site.

But darth was ready for them.

Eventually, authorities nabbed one of the two escapees, but his friend (parent? sibling? lover?) remained on the loose.

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The white llama was caught shortly afterward. The Internet was not happy.

Meanwhile, the Arizona district’s representative in Congress knew just how to please his constituents.

The llamas may be in custody, but they’ll always be free on Twitter.

Screengrab via ABC 15 Live

Eric Geller

Eric Geller

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