Brooke Schofield

Everything you need to know about Brooke Schofield

Brooke Schofield is putting it all out there.

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Sonny Borrelli in front of contraceptive pills

Arizona Republicans voted not to codify protections for emergency contraception

Sonny Borelli and his fellow Arizona Republicans received immense backlash from the public nationwide.

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Turning Point Rep Gets Owned by Election Rep After Receiving 2 Ballots

‘The absolute cook of the century’: Maricopa election official wrecks TP USA rep who thought she’d found proof of voter fraud

‘Congrats on losing the internet today.’

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sam altman congress donation

EXCLUSIVE: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman only donated to two senators in 2023—both are shaping AI legislation on the Hill

$3,300 went to both Sens. Maria Cantwell and Kyrsten Sinema.

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q shaman jake angeli tweet detained organic food

The QAnon Shaman is running for Congress

He wants to go back to the Capitol.

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kari lake

Kari Lake crops Hillary Clinton out of 9/11 tribute to Giuliani, Trump

One photo cropped out Hillary Clinton next to Rudy Giuliani.

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Kari Lake and Blake Masters speaking with attendees at a 'Save America' rally at Country Thunder Arizona in Florence, Arizona.

‘Loser vs loser’: Blake Masters to run against Kari Lake in Arizona, setting up ‘funniest primary ever’

Both Trump-endorsed candidates lost their respective races in 2022.

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woman wearing green tank top in her new apartment

‘I’m moving to Arizona right now’: Woman says her boyfriend’s job offer was rescinded while they were relocating to a new state for it

‘We are moving into a 2-bedroom apartment that we now can’t afford.’

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Dirty Delete: This Arizona Republican may be the biggest extremist in Congress

Gosar’s web presence reflects his reputation as one of the furthest-right members of Congress.

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chairman bill gates and recorder stephen richer speaking

Republican election officials plead with their base to not turn Election Day malfunctions into nefarious conspiracies

At least they are trying this time.

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Local GOP candidate who wanted to protect children from the ‘progressive left’ caught masturbating outside preschool

Now a GOP account is getting roasted for supporting him for a college board.

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Dirty Delete: Deleting his Twitter account might be the smartest thing Mark Finchem has ever done

Finchem has been compared to the McDonald’s mustachioed nugget toy.

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Kari Lake

Kari Lake wants you to know she thinks Trump, Ron DeSantis have Big D*ck Energy

‘That’s not what Stormy Daniels had to say.’

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Meet Arizona’s most conservative representative 

Hoffman is rapidly amassing influence in a state whose GOP primary has been described as the most ‘far-right’ in America.

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kari Lake tweeting

Kari Lake is claiming victory online in Arizona—despite the race not being called

Lake declared victory on Twitter while votes are still being counted.

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