woman beats arcade basketball

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Elderly woman catches fire like Steph Curry at arcade basketball

She’s heating up!


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Looks can be deceiving on a basketball court—and even more so in arcade basketball, where the rim is only a couple feet away and it’s all about finding your rhythm and range.

Case in point: This elderly woman with a smiley face purse and plaid vest who absolutely crushed it at her local arcade. She’s got a rapid release like Steph Curry with the clock ticking, and after a few warm-up throws, simply cannot miss. The video begs for the NBA Jam treatment.

We haven’t seen a grandma ball this hard since Larry Johnson was rocking Converse.

Old people, Grandmama aside, know form matters over flash.

If you really want to see perfection on an arcade basketball court, though, check out this man in Taipei, Taiwan, who just goes unconscious from beyond the arc. I’m not even convinced he’s human; his approach is that mechanical and perfect. The best part is the casual way he just walks off when it’s done. Real winners let you know they’ve been there before.

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