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Gym bro attempting absurdly difficult feat gets shown up by senior shooting free throws

Whatever you do, don’t look at the guy in front of you.


Austin Powell

Internet Culture

A gym bro stacked nine sets of dumbbells vertically on top each other to do an absurdly difficult balancing act, but all anyone can talk about is the senior effortlessly draining free throws in the background of his video. It’s the greatest unintentional videobomb ever recorded.

The juxtaposition of the old man’s casual cool and the bro’s spotlight-seeking vanity wasn’t lost on Reddit. Some commentators latched onto the dude’s rib tattoo—surely the male equivalent of a tramp stamp—but most were appalled at just how completely unnecessary the stacked dumbbells were and the staggering amount of damage he could have done to himself and, more importantly, the gym floor had things gone awry.

It’s a good thing the senior’s there. Just as your mind starts to venture somewhere dark, secretly hoping the bro fails spectacularly, you notice him in the background. You become transfixed with his hypnotic skills, sinking one shot after the next. Next thing you know you’ve watched the video three times.

He’s the real star here.

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