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Andrew Garfield’s laugh is TikTok’s next big earworm

He can barely contain himself and the internet is all the better for it.


Michelle Jaworski

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Posted on Apr 14, 2022   Updated on Apr 18, 2022, 9:16 am CDT

Laughter can convey many things—joy, humor, fear, terror—but when it comes from one of the world’s most famous actors right now, it’s also the catalyst for a plethora of remixes and memes.

Andrew Garfield’s laugh is pretty infectious most of the time, but it took on a new form in a December 2021 Wired video where Garfield answers the most-Googled questions about himself. The original soundbite arrives around the 5:10 mark when Garfield pulls off the tape to reveal the Google search phrase “andrew garfield organ movie.” It’s in reference to the 2010 dystopian sci-fi movie Never Let Me Go (which is based on a Kazuo Ishiguro novel), but before Garfield could answer the question, he just starts giggling.

“It sounds like the title of my sex tape or something,” he explained as he struggled to contain his laughter. “It’s like a bad translation of what my sex tape would be called. It’s been translated from another language and printed on a T-shirt.”

A little over a month later, a short clip that spliced Garfield’s introduction (“I’m Andrew Garfield, and this is”), Garfield’s quip about his sex tape, and increasingly high-pitched edits of his laugh went viral on TikTok.

Over the past few months, Garfield’s laugh has taken on a life of its own as people played around with every aspect. People slowed the laughter down and sped it up, and they also compared his laugh to other evil laughs in superhero movies.

There was even a Taylor Swift edit.

But the edit to Swift’s “Me” was only the beginning. Thanks to Jonah Pedro, we now know what many iconic sounds sound like if, instead of the lyrics we’re used to, Garfield’s laugh provided some of the melodies. For instance, here’s a spin on the Reading Rainbow theme song.


Reply to @justarandomguy1987 butterfly in the sky!!!

♬ Reading Rainbow – jonahpedro

Other highlights include a-ha’s “Take On Me,” Axel F’s “Crazy Frog,” and John Williams’ Jurassic Park theme.


Reply to @wolf_spydr Axel F

♬ original sound – jonahpedro

Reply to @wolf_spydr Axel F

♬ original sound – jonahpedro

Reply to @apezku1 Andrew Garfield in Jurassic Park

♬ original sound – jonahpedro

And if you ever wanted to hear Garfield’s laugh in other movies, including perhaps one instance that might make people wince, it fights right in.

Garfield already won 2021 between Spider-Man: No Way Home and Tick, Tick…Boom!, but he might be on his way to winning 2022 as well. It’s all in the laugh.

H/T Know Your Meme

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*First Published: Apr 14, 2022, 2:02 pm CDT