The ‘some of y’all… and it shows’ meme is taking over Twitter

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Everyone can get in on this simple meme, but how long will it last?

The 2019 meme season is well under way. It started when the #10YearChallenge turned from earnest picture posting to a viral meme and now, as we head into the second half of January, we have “Some of y’all… and it shows.”

As with many of the great meme formats, it’s easy to understand and you can plug almost anything into it. This is what made things like “Distracted Boyfriend” so popular. Of course, that meme required downloading a picture, coming up with a label for all three characters, and at least a minimal amount of photo editing. “Some Of Y’all” is text-based and you only have to come up with one thing. It’s the simplest possible format. It’s a Mad Lib with one blank. It’s memes boiled down to their essence. If you’ve always wanted to get into making memes but were too intimated, now is your chance. It’s really hard to go wrong with this one.

Be nostalgic.

Be super earnest and judgy.

Be oddly specific.

Just be plain mean.

Or even downright confrontational.

Not surprisingly, brands have jumped on the trend to start selling us things. They mainly opt out of using “Some of ya’ll” and go with the more straight-laced “Some of you” like a bunch of squares.

Does such a basic meme have any real staying power? Sure, it’s fun to remind people that Drake & Josh was a thing you watched instead of doing your homework, but how long exactly will that remain viable or interesting? With a meme format this simple and ubiquitous, it probably won’t be long before you receive a text from your mom saying, “Some of ya’ll haven’t texted your parents this week and it shows.” That’s when you’ll know the party is over.

If “Some Of Ya’ll…” is going to stick around, it’s going to have to evolve into something new in the next few weeks or it’s going to end up in the meme graveyard hanging out with “Charlie Bit My Finger” and “Chocolate Rain.”

chocolate rain meme TayZonday/YouTube

Some of ya’ll don’t remember this kid and it really shows.

David Britton

David Britton

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