9 terrifying things people tried to sneak onto planes

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This week, Melvin Carraway, acting head of the Transportation Security Administration, lost his job. Why? Because, as Homeland Security confirmed, “TSA screeners failed 67 out of 70 tests… as part of a DHS inspector general review.”

That might sound a bit alarming, but let’s give the Transportation Security Administration just a little bit of credit: At least they didn’t let these terrifying items onto a plane.

1) Mace

Found in a carry-on bag at Chicago Midway Airport.

2) Bayonet, throwing knife, grenade, dagger

Bayonet and throwing knife courtesy of Long Beach, California, an inert grenade uncovered in Albany, New York, and a dagger in Austin, Texas.

3) Spinny wheel of death

A throwing star with six folding blades found in carry-on at Las Vegas. Sure looks like the glaive from that ’80s movie Krull.

4) Inert grenade

According to the TSA, “an inert grenade was discovered inside a stuffed penguin at the #Manchester – #Boston Regional Airport.”

5) Hatchet

Also from the infamous “#Manchester – #Boston Regional Airport” flight.

6) Knife mounted on a walker

Don’t mess with senior citizens in New Jersey.

7) Shoe-concealed knife

Found in the sole of a shoe at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

8) Hollowed out book with throwing knives

“This hollowed-out book with two 6½” throwing knives was discovered in a carry-on bag at the #Washington Reagan (#DCA) National Airport,” laughed the TSA.

9) Folding throwing star

Discovered in Oakland, California. Stylin’.

Photo via dan paluska/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)