11 farms you should be following on Instagram

Spring is my favorite season for farm Instagram—it’s when all the animals start to have babies. And it’s not just the sheep, cows, and horses you’d expect. It’s also the barn cats, sheepdogs, chickens, and ducks! 

So in addition to the lifestyle porn they generate year-round, farm accounts go into overdrive around now by pumping your feed full of grade-A lamb, puppy, and duckling content. Here’s where you can find it:

1) Big Picture Farm 

Very cute wife-and-husband team Louisa Conrad and Lucas Farrell moved to Southern Vermont and started their own goat farm. They sell goat’s-milk cheese and caramels and are also super good at photography. What more could you monsters want?

Being a couple days old is exhausting.

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2) Herdwick Shepherd 

As the handle suggests, this guy herds Herdwick and Swaledale sheep in England’s Lake District. In addition to living in a stunning place, he’s also very funny and is great at Twitter and Vine. Bonus: His sheepdog Floss just had puppies.

3) Longest Acres Farm 

Farmer Kate posts gorgeous photos of her beautiful Devon cows, Ossabaw pigs, Icelandic sheep, and family up in the hills of Central Vermont. 

My boy. Maine 2015. (📷 and knitted jumper by @homesweethomestead )

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4) Lily Brook Farm 

Nina Fuller raises sheep on her farm in Hollis, Maine, and has a donkey, a mule, and some goats to keep them company. You can stay on the farm via AirBnb, too—which is awesome.

Jenny #jenny#donkey #mainefarms #maine #lilybrookfarm

A photo posted by Nina Fuller (@ninafuller) on

Frankie,Brenda and Casey #horse #pony #sheep #maine #mainefarms #lilybrookfarm

A photo posted by Nina Fuller (@ninafuller) on

5) The Grey Barn  

This teenie Martha’s Vineyard-based dairy and pig farm has peak New England vibes. 

Berta had piglets! We are in pig heaven over here! #certifiedorganic #marthasvineyard #piggie

A photo posted by The Grey Barn Chilmark, MA (@thegreybarnchilmark) on

No piglets yet but look who just arrived! Who loves baby chicks? Aren’t they just irresistible?!?🐔🐔🐔

A photo posted by The Grey Barn Chilmark, MA (@thegreybarnchilmark) on

More piggies!! Can you believe it?? Another sow had 6 beautiful amazing piglets during last nights snow. Amazing. #marthasvineyard #piglets #farming

A photo posted by The Grey Barn Chilmark, MA (@thegreybarnchilmark) on

6) Queens County Farm 

The Queens County Farm museum in Queens, N.Y., is also a working farm. They have a corn maze in the fall, a petting zoo for kids, and year-round family programming. Also: very sweet animals. 

The Barred Rocks are stealing the show these days. #henparty #nycfarm #winter

A photo posted by @queensfarm on

Today’s collection. #nycfarm #eggs #nychickens

A photo posted by @queensfarm on

7) Working Hands Farm  

Another husband-and-wife team, Brian and Jess Powers, run this Hillsboro, Ore., farm and CSA. They produce organic fruits and veggies, plus beef, pork, poultry, and eggs.

“At the end of the day, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.” -Omar Little

A photo posted by Jess & Brian Powers (@workinghandsfarm) on

The Lost Boys #thealbum #strikeapose

A photo posted by Jess & Brian Powers (@workinghandsfarm) on

8) Cricket Creek Farm 

This small dairy farm in Williamstown, Mass., raises storybook-cute cows and pigs. 

Rocking the wild hairdo this afternoon #stylin #cricketcreekcow #farmlyfe

A photo posted by Cricket Creek Farm (@cricketcreekfarm) on

They all want some face time! #cowgirls #cricketcreekcow #moo

A photo posted by Cricket Creek Farm (@cricketcreekfarm) on

Oink oink #cricketcreekpig #cricketcreekfarm #rightbeforehesneezed

A photo posted by Cricket Creek Farm (@cricketcreekfarm) on

9) Yonder Way Farmer  

Farmer Jason raises cows, pigs, and chickens on his farm in Fayetteville, Texas, with help from his wife and their four daughters. 

“Hello, we convert plants to bacon…….What’s your super power?” #yonderwayfarm #swinepower #pasturedpork

A photo posted by Farmer Jason (@yonderwayfarmer) on

10) Airyolland Farm 

Janet McQuistin raises Highland cattle and four types of sheep on her New Luce, Scotland farm.

11) Old Homestead Alpacas 

This couple raises Suri alpacas on their farm in Walla Walla, Wash. All alpacas, all the time. – 

Little Ozzy, about 3 months old. #alpaca #suri #surialpaca

A photo posted by Walla Walla, Washington (@oldhomesteadalpacas) on

Rosie, this one doesn’t take sh*t from anybody! #alpaca #suri #surialpaca

A photo posted by Walla Walla, Washington (@oldhomesteadalpacas) on

Rustler and Ozzy, the only two boys in the herd……😳 #surialpaca #suri

A photo posted by Walla Walla, Washington (@oldhomesteadalpacas) on

Photo via Sheila Sund/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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