Mastodon is crumbling—and many blame its creator
It was hailed as a progressive alternative to Twitter. But marginalized, queer users are being alienated by well-off tech bros.

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Murder is back on the menu with Netflix’s Ted Bundy documentary
Hear Bundy's confessions—in his own chilling words.
Twitch star Alinity Divine accidentally displays d*ck pic on her stream
She put her head in her hand in apparent shock at the invasive and gross act of sexual harassment.
NBC to launch curious new streaming service
It'll be free to cable subscribers.
‘The Last Laugh’ aims for the funny bone and heart, but misses both
Two old friends, a comedian and manager, hit the road for one last hurrah on the club circuit.
How to watch ‘The Flash’ online for free
Don't blink or you'll miss it.
How to watch the 2019 Overwatch League season
The new season of Overwatch League is here.
Ariana Grande shows ‘Pokémon’ love with new Eevee tattoo
The Pokémon fan chose a cute monster to immortalize on her arm.
YouTube shuts down Alex Jones’ InfoWars lookalike channel
Jones has been kicked off YouTube ... again.
Netflix’s ‘Fyre’ shows the pros and cons of ‘capture everything’
A look back at the festival that aimed to sell 'a pipe dream to your average loser.'
Twitch user Mizkif shaves off his eyebrows for thousands in donations
'Honestly, it doesn't look that bad. Worse than before for sure, but not terrible.'
‘ReMastered: Massacre at the Stadium’ takes a fascinating look at Victor Jara’s death
The latest in Netflix's music series examines the 1973 assassination of the Chilean folk hero.
Michelle Yeoh to star in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ spinoff about Starfleet spies
Captain Georgiou will cross over from 'Star Trek: Discovery' to a show about Section 31.
Your smart TV is selling your data
Vizio CTO Bill Baxter says they're a market leader in disclosures about the use of customer data, and says the data is anonymized
YouTuber Pokimane defends herself against PewDiePie’s copyright criticism
The YouTube copyright controversy continues.