chrishell stause in a pink dress and belt, sitting on a couch opposite Emma Hernan in a embellished dark suit, on the rooftop of a house once owned by Harry Styles in Los Angeles


Is Harry Styles and ‘Selling Sunset’ the best new pop culture crossover?

To open with Harry Styles’ former home in the sixth season is frankly a coup. 


Kerensa Cadenas


Posted on May 19, 2023   Updated on Jun 3, 2023, 1:08 pm CDT

Some of television’s best moments have come from crossover events when beloved television worlds collide with one another. Think about when Buffy and Angel finally have a semblance of a normal romance on Angel. When Kelly Taylor from 90210 dates Jake from Melrose Place. Or when the booze-soaked Vanderpump Rules girls meet the booze-soaked Summer House cast—a meeting of the minds! 

Netflix’s Selling Sunset has already done as much with the cast of Selling The O.C., which had its first season premiere last year. With its sixth season dropping today, May 19, Selling Sunset remains one of the best reality shows on television to awe over terrible-looking real estate, perplexing designer ensembles, and incredible interpersonal drama amongst its Barbie-esque real estate agents. But even though its tried-and-true formula gets shaken up with new cast members (welcome Bre!), in the first episode of the new season, an unexpected crossover is revealed. 

Harry’s (former) House on Selling Sunset

After the realtors’ new taglines are introduced, we hit the gas with Chrishelle Stause in full Carrie Bradshaw pink Oscar de la Renta final season drag coming to see Emma Hernan’s latest listing in the Hollywood Hills. When Emma greets Chrishelle in the sun-dappled modernist home in a full rhinestone-encrusted suit—it’s clear that she’s making a nod to the previous owner who is none other than Mr. Harry Styles. It’s unclear what the Venn diagram is between Harry fans and Selling Sunset fans, but it can’t just be me. To open with Harry Styles’ former home in the sixth season is frankly a coup. 

a multi-level white house with a tall palm tree on a hill in Los Angeles, the former home of Harry Styles
The 4-bedroom house that once belonged to Harry Styles appears in ‘Selling Sunset’ season 6.

Emma’s client bought the home from Harry and now she’s the lucky lady with the listing. While she doesn’t have a ton of gossip about what the house was like when Harry owned it (at least that she’s televising), she does let it slip that allegedly Harry left hundreds of pairs of shoes when he sold the house to the current owner, Patrick Y. Grove, a tech entrepreneur. What’s even more interesting is that according to Emma, it was just heels. One of Chrishelle’s better ideas is that they should try to get backstage to Harry to give him back said shoe collection. Of course, this is great fodder for both reality television and women in their thirties whomst live under Harry’s chokehold. Both Emma and Chrishelle are on it with their Harry references and puns—especially those about his bedroom—which Chrishelle asks to see. Wouldn’t we all? The rather modest bedroom with a gorgeous balcony overlooking Los Angeles is the perfect time for the two to make all the “Watermelon Sugar” and Olivia Wilde jokes to their heart’s content and is perhaps one of the most relatable moments in Selling Sunset history. 

All Harry sex jokes aside, the 4-bedroom, 6-bathroom Saint Ives Place house in the hills might be one of the most beautiful homes shown on Selling Sunset. At the time of filming, it was listed for $7,995,000 with a $239,850 commission. What makes it stand out from some of the other homes that have been seen on the show is that it actually looks livable—there’s not a weird sundial ceiling or Parasite-esque concrete coldness. It’s airy and sunny—clearly taking advantage of its Hollywood Hills location. As Emma told Elle Decor in October 2022, it’s the perfect Los Angeles home. “It makes you feel like you are on your own little island in the Hollywood Hills and is a reminder of the magic of the City of Angels.”

Emma told the Daily Dot that she was “very excited” upon finding out that she was selling the house. “It is an amazing house, it is so private yet smack in the middle of all the best Los Angeles has to offer,” she said.

She added that she plays Harry Styles songs in the house when showing it to clients. “I will have his songs playing in the background to set the vibe up!”

Does the home give off Harry vibes?

Scrolling through pictures of the home, you can tell that the 1946 home that Harry renovated in 2016 and then first listed in 2017 was thoughtfully planned out. There’s a plush purple velvet screening room where perhaps the pop star has watched one of his favorite films—The Notebook—in. The kidney-shaped pool is surrounded by lush trees. The huge kitchen might have been a place where Harry, who has said he’s a good cook, has made brussels sprouts. The multiple balconies of the home might be a place where he would sit outside in the sun, revisiting a favorite book like Joan Didion’s The White Album or Alain De Botton’s The Course of Love

If we’re continuing Harry domestic fan fiction and if I’ve learned anything from Selling Sunset, there’s no way that this is the decor that was in the house when Harry lived there. While its muted beiges and striped accents are downright tasteful for Selling Sunset, the only thing that feels very Harry is the velvet screening room and absolutely not the “Sweetheart” quote painting in a side room. While I’m not aware of what Harry’s decor taste is, from a too highly educated guess, I’d assume something mid-century modern—tasteful—maybe a nod to Ewan McGregor’s bachelor pad in the classic Down With Love. The home is still on the market under Emma and is now down to a mere $7,245,000—so Harry fans start pooling your money together or add it to the Harry Los Angeles itinerary alongside Beachwood Cafe and the vomit shrine on the 101 Freeway. 

This article has been updated to include quotes from Emma Hernan.

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*First Published: May 19, 2023, 2:44 pm CDT