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Reddit AITA: Man verbally abused partner through cat impersonations
She took the cat and left him, per Reddit's advice.
Artist says Thinx underwear campaign ripped off their memes (updated)
Bunny Michael says Thinx was familiar with their work.
Google reportedly gathering millions of Americans’ personal health records
'Project Nightingale' is gathering personal health information from 21 states.
Cops cuff Black man for eating sandwich on subway platform
Protesters held an 'eat-in' on the platform.
Hong Kong police caught on live stream shooting protester
The protester is in critical condition.
Consumers claim the Apple Card is sexist
'The same thing happened to us. I got 10x the credit limit.'
Twitch bans Viperous for allegedly using racial slur during live stream
She claims it was just the word 'nerd.' But fans aren't so sure.
What it means to be pangender
'Imagine you want cake, but you also want ice cream at the same time.'
Kylie Jenner denies sending ‘rise and shine’ cease-and-desist letters
People were outraged after it was reported Jenner sent a family business a cease-and-desist letter.
Apple Store employee fired after texting customer’s personal photos to himself
Police have also opened an investigation into the incident.
Mommy influencer created fake account to trash her husband, rivals
She once used the account to call her husband 'a class at t**t.'
Video shows police arresting churro seller in subway station
NYPD is facing criticism over the move.
Restaurant of owner who enslaved, tortured Black man getting review bombed 
J&J Cafeteria is getting review bombed after its owner received a 10-year sentence for forced labor.
Girl allegedly lies about being Indigenous to get scholarship (updated)
She bragged about the deception on Instagram.