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thrall hearthstone A top-ranked European Shaman player on how Thrall is dominating the meta
Over the weekend, Mateusz “Loyan” Roszkowski hit rank one legend on the European.
HotS Heroes of the Storm ranked seasons arrive next month
It's been a long time coming.
complexity logo rebrand One of esports' oldest organizations, compLexity Gaming, rebrands
One of the original esports organizations is modernizing.
Machinima logo Machinima launches esports consulting agency
Brands have struggled to keep up with esports' rapid growth.
SKT losing at MSI SK Telecom lose four games in a row in crazy MSI group stage
The world champions are on the ropes.
Capcom Pro Tour What to watch for in a packed weekend of Street Fighter action
Overwhelmed? Don't worry. Here are the three key stories to watch this weekend.