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Immortals Meet the Immortals, the venture capital-funded esports franchise that bought Team 8's LCS spot
It's the first time venture capital has gotten involved in an esports team.
Why are so few Grand Tournament cards making it into competitive play?
Only about 10 percent of the cards are getting played competitively. What happened?
Play it Cool marathon One of the most entertaining Hearthstone events of the year is coming back
The popular event is set for a comeback this month.
g2a logo over a league of legends crowd Riot asks teams to remove G2A logos as it mulls sponsorship ban
G2A has run into trouble with the game developer thanks to a listing on its site that promotes an elo booster.
World Series of Gaming on Twitch opening ceremony. WSVG's opening ceremony was a baffling and terrible disaster
A 'rolling dumpster fire' indeed.
cloud9 after winning at worlds LemonNation: Chinese team drafts 'have been god awful,' but expect that to change in the next round
In an unpredictable first week, perhaps no team surprised more than Cloud9.