Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States. Prior to his victory in the 2016 election, the billionaire real estate magnate was the host of NBC's 'The Apprentice.'

Guy who wants to fund the border wall has privately raised $7 million
'Our donors gave to us to get the job done.'
Trump invokes horrific Native American Massacre to mock Warren
The president tweets a shocking reference.
Employee fired after airing doctored Trump video on network
It wasn't even a particularly good fake.
Trump, Trump Jr. have petty meme feud with reporter Jim Acosta
That's one way to spend your evening.
Trump pushes fake Parkland story on Twitter
By the time Trump retweeted the claim, it had already been debunked.
Schumer isn’t here for Trump’s shutdown meeting-candy gimmick
Trump apparently handed out Butterfingers, M&Ms, and Baby Ruths.
Pelosi takes savage dig at Trump’s wealth after shutdown meeting
There were a lot of differing opinions on how today's meeting went.
No, Spectrum didn’t shut off its internet to censor Trump’s speech
The company says there were no 'major outages' last night.
Trump Jr. points to zoos as proof walls ‘work’
He isn't the only one who believes walls 'work.'
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