Screenshots from a TikTok showing Yale holiday party. In the top right corner is text that says 'Main Character of the Week' in a Daily Dot newsletter web_crawlr font.

Main Character of the Week: Yale’s holiday party

Yale evokes haunting images of secret rituals and lizard people. Turns out we were onto something.

On Dec 23, 2023 by Ramon Ramirez

Woman at party(l), Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games(c), Woman in formal attire(r)

‘Def over a $100K event’: Yale holiday party compared to the ‘Capitol party from the Hunger Games’

'The sushi part is so dystopian'

On Dec 20, 2023 by Nina Hernandez

yale israeli couscous salad

‘Where I did my BA:’ Palestinian goes viral with picture of bombed-out university in response to Yale-Israeli couscous drama

'This conflict is really not complicated.'

On Dec 13, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

This Yale professor was sympathetic to Hamas. Now a petition with 35,000 signatures wants her fired

‘Condoning violence’: This Yale professor was sympathetic to Hamas. Now a petition with more than 40,000 signatures wants her fired

'When one is in a position of authority and power, they must be held responsible for that speech.'

On Oct 13, 2023 by Phil West

harvard_bro owned ex girlfriend gfox

Harvard bro who whined about climate protest gets owned by his ex

He got outed in an intimate way.

On Nov 26, 2019 by Siobhan Ball

Sarah Braasch

White woman who called cops on Black student for napping demands police footage

She refused an offer to view it alone.

On Nov 6, 2019 by Samira Sadeque

A doctoral student believes Yale University discriminates against men.

Department of Education is investigating Yale for discriminating against men

A man who's not a Yale student filed a Title IX complaint as a 'political hobby.'

On May 16, 2018 by Ana Valens

Lolade Siyonbola and another Yale student who called the cops on her for sleeping in a commons room.

White Yale student calls cops on Black student taking a nap in common room

Another day, another white person calling the police on a Black person for no good reason.

On May 10, 2018 by Samantha Grasso

pizza yale admission

Teen pens college essay about loving pizza, gets into Yale

Write what you know.

On Jun 2, 2017 by Christine Friar

Homepage article image

Yale student turns 5-day mumps quarantine into the best Snapchat story ever

Like 'Bubble Boy,' but with a smartphone.

On Jan 4, 2017 by Samantha Grasso

Homepage article image

Harvard-Yale football game delayed because a bunch of students stripped naked

Hey, the strategy worked.

On Nov 19, 2016 by Josh Katzowitz

Homepage article image

Anderson Cooper got duped by a ClickHole joke

CNN could use a few more fact-checkers.

On May 18, 2015 by Miles Klee

Homepage article image

One map shows what Americans really think about global warming

Yale researchers create online tool that shows just how varied opinions on global warming are in the U.S.

On Apr 7, 2015 by Tim Sampson

Homepage article image

Harvard comedy troupe pranks Yale football supporters before rivalry game

These Ivy League kids have too much time on their hands.

On Nov 21, 2014 by Ikenna Anyoku

Homepage article image

Yale picks copyright fight, blocking site that helps students register for classes

Students found a better way to search for classes, but the university shut it down. 

On Jan 19, 2014 by Sarah Weber