Passenger says her driverless taxi was programmed to make a risky turn into oncoming traffic. She can’t change it

’48 minutes in the car by myself with no driver???’: Passenger says her driverless taxi was programmed to make a risky turn into oncoming traffic. She can’t change it

‘Waymo? Waymo anxiety.’

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Waymo driverless car gets trapped in parking lot until human overrides it

Waymo autonomous taxi gets trapped in a parking lot—drives in circles until employee comes to the rescue

It looped around five times—and waited 8 minutes before assistance came.

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Waymo’s driverless cars are almost here

Beta testers of the Waymo One app in Phoenix could soon be picked up by a driverless vehicle.

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Ex-Google and Uber engineer charged with stealing trade secrets

Anthony Levandowski could face up to 10 years in prison after allegedly stealing 14,000 files.

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self driving car cognitive technologies

Can this affordable radar system finally make driverless cars a thing?

‘We have a pre-order from a car manufacturer for 200,000 units.’

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waymo self-driving autonomous car

Report: Google’s self-driving cars are coming to Phoenix next month

Waymo plans to roll these out gradually.

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waymo self-driving autonomous truck

Waymo to start rolling out self-driving truck fleet in Atlanta

Its rival Uber just revealed its own self-driving truck program.

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waymo self-driving car google alphabet

Uber owes Waymo $244 million after trade-secret settlement

Uber has agreed to not use Waymo’s self-driving car tech.

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waymo self-driving autonomous car

Waymo will provide insurance to self-driving car riders

It’s free of charge.

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Waymo vehicle on residential street

Waymo’s self-driving fleet could hit the streets this month

Phoenix-area residents will be first to try it out.

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Waymo and Lyft partner to beat Uber to self-driving cars

The timing of the partnership couldn’t be worse for Uber

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Family sitting in a Waymo van

Phoenix residents can ride in Waymo’s self-driving cars—for free

You can sign up to be a part of Waymo’s ‘early rider program.’

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