A woman pointing (l) a hand making lobster rolls


‘Get the heck out of here!’: Vegan ‘Karen’ destroys YouTubers’ lobster rolls

The two men spent hours catching lobster for their 'catch and cook' video.


Clara Wang


Published Nov 19, 2021   Updated Nov 22, 2021, 10:13 am CST

A woman was filmed throwing two YouTubers’ lobster rolls to the ground.

Originally posted on James Mizuki’s YouTube channel earlier in the month, @postedfromjail’s TikToks replay an incident in Southern California in which two Asian-American men were confronted after catching, cooking, and preparing lobsters for a YouTube video. The TikTok video, along with Mizuki, refers to the woman as a “Karen.”

While the pair is making lobster rolls in what appears to be the parking lot of a condominium development, an elderly white woman approaches. At first, the two men offer her some lobster. The woman declines, citing her vegan diet. She then asks them to leave, saying, “This is private property.. .. You can’t do this here.”


Located in Southern California. White raisin claims she owns public parking space.

♬ Shouldn’t Be – Luke Chiang

The two men agree to leave right away and begin to pack up their food, but the woman continues to harass them.

“I wanna see you leave. I want you to pack up and get the heck out of here,” the woman says.


Part 2. Guy accidently drops a piece of food and she complains it will attract animals… ironic.

♬ original sound – Follow Bitch

Although the two men continue to be friendly, the woman informs them that she is “on the board, and if you’re not out of here in a minute, I am calling the sheriff.”

The camera then cuts to show they are on the side of an open, wide road and are parked legally in guest parking. While the two men are finishing making their lobster rolls so that they can pack up, the woman keeps hurrying them.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve doing this here,” the woman says. After the two men pack up the food and put it in their truck, they start to pack their camera equipment when the woman begins yelling loudly.

“Pack it up!” she yells.

At this point, the two men confront the woman and ask her if she owns the property. She responds that she owns a part of it before going over to their truck, pulling out their lobster rolls, and throwing them on the pavement.


Wrinkly potato sees guys cooking on public property and decideds to throw a tantrum.

♬ original sound – Follow Bitch

She apparently knew she was pushing it, because she left in a hurry after throwing their food on the ground. No charges have been pressed to date.

The Daily Dot reached out to James Mizuki and @postedfromjail for comment but did not receive a reply by press time.

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*First Published: Nov 19, 2021, 2:32 pm CST