Jonathan David Rinaldi GOP candidate in front of light walls

GOP candidate held a protest at motel accused of housing migrants—the motel says none were there

The motel ‘flatly told’ protesters they weren’t housing migrants.

On by Claire Goforth

Rep. Elise Stefanik with hand up and American flag behind her

‘Seems like a pro-life thing to do’: Republican politician Elise Stefanik says baby formula shouldn’t be given to migrants

‘If you are in Congress and propose starving babies to death you deserve to have your name trend.’

On by Mikael Thalen

Jamal Simmons (L) and Kamala Harris (R).

Kamala Harris’ new aide wondered why ICE wasn’t picking up undocumented immigrants in resurfaced tweets

Jamal Simmons has apologized for the tweets.

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woman on tiktok calling for indentured servitude

‘You’re asking for slavery back’: Woman calls for undocumented immigrants to be indentured servants in viral TikTok

The woman wiped her social media accounts after receiving backlash.

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man holding hands together in thanks while exiting the back of a police van, surrounded by police and neighbors

‘These are our neighbors, let them go’: Protesters surround police van to demand release of immigrants

More than 6 million people viewed the video on Twitter.

On by Jennifer Xia

Two women in pink shirts restrain and assault a child with a wooden paddle.

‘I’ve never hit my daughter like she hit her’: Florida principal caught on video paddling 6-year-old in front of child’s mother

The girl can be heard wailing in the video, which has gone viral.

On by Phil West

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Officer

What was missed in the viral rush of the ICE-forced hysterectomies story

Some wonder if Russia is amplifying it.

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21 Savage black immigrants

The targeting of 21 Savage is a common story for Black immigrants

When we talk about harassment and deportation, we often forget about immigrants with Black skin.

On by Tiffanie Drayton

Homepage article image

ICE made a fake university to catch undocumented immigrants

The sting went on for years.

On by Samira Sadeque

Luis Bracamontes

Donald Trump’s xenophobic campaign ad is actually an indictment of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Luis Bracamontes was actually deported by the Clinton administration.

On by Ellen Ioanes

A tent city housing migrant children in Tornillo, Texas

Migrant children are being woken up in the dead of night and transferred to a Texas tent city

An estimated 1,600 children have already been transported to live in the tent city.

On by Samantha Grasso

indefinite detention

The Trump administration’s latest plan to detain immigrant children indefinitely should terrify you

Here’s how you can fight it.

On by Claire Lampen

Texas Senate Candidate Beto O'Rourke and a fake campaign text message.

‘Impostor’ Beto O’Rourke volunteer texts about getting undocumented immigrants to the polls

The volunteer also solicited supporters with a message about the ‘dangers of socialism.’

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Pedestrians line up for U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing at the Calexico, California, port of entry.

Here’s what really happened to the child who died after leaving ICE custody

After months of viral misinformation, her mom speaks out.

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we stand with dreamers defend daca protest

DACA renewals cost $495—and GoFundMe is making it easier to raise those funds

GoFundMe’s new partnership is helping to elevate Dreamers’ stories.

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