woman on tiktok calling for indentured servitude

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‘You’re asking for slavery back’: Woman calls for undocumented immigrants to be indentured servants in viral TikTok

The woman wiped her social media accounts after receiving backlash.


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Oct 23, 2021   Updated on Oct 25, 2021, 10:09 am CDT

A viral video of a woman calling for undocumented immigrants to serve terms as indentured servants when they arrive in the U.S. has both received backlash online and caused her to be terminated from at least one of her employers.

Following the viral attention of the video she made, Yvonne Elaine Brown completely wiped all of her social media accounts——even the video itself is now only available in the stitches of other users.

“Ok guys, here’s a thought, and this might piss a couple of you guys off, but I don’t really care,” she says in the video. “So, you know how they’re saying supposably we don’t have enough people to unload these cargo ships or truck drivers to distribute this stuff? Well why don’t we have all these illegal immigrants who are coming over here unload this shit for us? Not only that, unload the shit for us, distribute it, and work for us for the next five years to earn their stay here. What do you think about that?”

An account which stitched the video, @pandorasbreadbox, replied to the woman. Their video currently has 1.7 million views since posting Oct. 21.

“I think you’re asking for slavery back,” they said. “Before you say, ‘that’s not what I’m saying,’ because I know, I know how TikTok and white woman tears work, I know, but look what I found already.”

The video then includes a green-screened comment of the original creator, whose account @vonelaine is no longer available, confirming that she was indeed talking about slavery. The video also explored her online presences, showing that she was a saleswoman for a multilevel marketing company, Monat, selling hair products.

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“Anyway, I wanted to see how they felt about their marketing manager supporting slavery or indentured servitude, whatever you want to call it,” @pandorasbreadbox said. “I figure, other people might have the same questions so their phone number is actually right here, you can also email them.”

Popular accountability TikToker Aunt Karen, made a now-deleted video regarding the woman’s bad take on undocumented immigrants.

“Now thanks to the woman who tagged me in the video, we got this screenshot here which proves that she indeed meant slavery,” @auntkaren0 said. “Now of course you know Auntie had to know who this is, and it looks like we have Yvonne Elaine Brown.”

In the comment section of another video posted by @pandorasbreadbox, the company Brown had worked for, Monat, stated that she had been terminated.

“We do not tolerate any form of racism from out employees or independent sales people, also known as MONAT Market Partners,” the company wrote. “We are building a company culture of respect with a focus on serving others and practicing gratitude that is free from hate.”

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The Daily Dot has reached out to Brown for comment via email.

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*First Published: Oct 23, 2021, 1:34 pm CDT