Hand holding phone with instagram app(l), Trans flag(r)

Instagram suspended Trans March organizer’s accounts over casting call—citing ‘human exploitation’

The account for San Francisco Trans March was also suspended.

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Trans youth protestors with their signs

‘We are not pawns for politics’: Trans kids occupy NHS building to protest puberty blocker ban

The group identifies itself as Trans Kids Deserve Better.

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Call of Duty on tv screen(l), Screengrab of trans pride bullets(r)

Call of Duty Pride flag bullets spark uproar from those pushing fake trans mass shooter panic

The game introduced LGBTQ themed weapon skins in honor of Pride month.

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Tennessee senate anti-trans bill

‘Absolutely horrifying’: Tennessee bill punishing adults who give minors gender-affirming care faces backlash

LGBTQ advocates worry that the bill—if made into law—would criminalize providing youth with information about gender-affirming services in addition to the actual care itself.

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Nebraska state Senator John Fredrickson

A Nebraska State Senator convinced his colleagues to vote against an anti-trans bill

State Senator John Fredrickson, Nebraska’s first out gay representative, gave a speech about the bill in opposition to it.

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Hand with a trans small flag

JK Rowling, gender critical U.K. groups cheer release of Cass Review—as activists push back

The landmark review is expected to guide gender-affirming care in the U.K.

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The furry hackers in SiegedSec launch campaign #OpTransRights

Furry hackers kick off campaign against anti-trans churches by doxing YouTube pastor

The group intends to target churches and media outlets.

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Donald Trump in front of cross and american flag

Trump dreams up ‘Christian Visibility Day’ in response to furor over Biden’s Easter proclamation

The drama is entering its sixth day.

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biden easter trans day of visibility

‘Next year Easter is on 4/20’: Liberals mock conservative meltdown over Easter falling on Trans Day of Visibility

Trans Day of Visibility and Easter have overlapped once before, in 2013.

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Narratives surrounding Nex Benedict death swirl online as family opens own investigation

Nex Benedict likely died by suicide, preliminary autopsy report reveals

The full report will be released in the next 10 days.

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Detrans Awareness Day flyer with lizard

Why anti-trans advocates are celebrating ‘Detransition Awareness Day’

Detransitioners are individuals who used to identify as trans and transitioned.

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Oklahoma Superintendent Ryan Walters releases statement on Nex Benedict's death and states on X 'I won’t back down to woke mobs.'

Oklahoma Ryan Walters says ‘despicable’ media ‘lied’ about death of Nex Benedict in first comments

Walters also called the death a tragedy.

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Narratives surrounding Nex Benedict death swirl online as family opens own investigation

Online speculation swirls as family of Nex Benedict’s family pledges independent investigation in wake of police statement

Police are being accused of a cover up, as those on the right blame her for starting the fight.

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Val Venis(l), Cody Rhodes holding trans flag with fan(r)

Val Venis’ extremely graphic WWE storylines recirculate after tirade at Cody Rhodes for posing with fan’s trans flag

Venis was famous in the WWE for his adult film star character.

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Woman showing off peace fingers with graphic background

‘The ultimate FAFO!’: Libs of TikTok is outing people sending her death threats—and reveling in their dismay

Libs of TikTok has faced significant backlash this week.

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