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Daniel Tillotson/YouTube

YouTuber turns car windshield into tea-dispensing machine

That’s one model Tea.


Joseph Knoop


I’m nowhere near a gearhead. I don’t even know how to connect my phone to my car’s Bluetooth, but this YouTuber below is giving me some hope. Daniel Tillotson rejiggered his car’s windshield wiper fluid dispenser to squirt out some tea into his mouth for a refreshing drink, and the results are … sticky.

The video, which has more than 130,000 views as of this writing, starts out with Tillotson flushing his wiper fluid reservoir with hot and cold water. Then he mounts a tube from the reservoir to the interior of his windshield, aimed right at his face. First, he has to test out the water quality, and it’s … not great. There’s a bit of oily glow and plenty of sediment, but he manages to flush it out.

Tillotson swaps out the wiper fluid for Bucha brand kombucha, specifically raspberry pomegranate. Once he gets driving, things work out pretty well, despite the fact that the tea tastes like soap (I don’t think that was intended) and Tillotson gets it all over the place. Check it out below:

Windshield wiper fluid contains methanol, which is a deadly alcohol. Sometimes the poisonous ethylene glycol is also added, so let’s maybe not make this one the new YouTube challenge.

Tillotson has about 9,000 subscribers, and he primarily focuses on car-related videos laced with humor—including other “vegan car mods,” like an apple gear shift.


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