Hide the Pain Harold

‘Hide the Pain Harold’ plays his meme character in commercial for gaming laptop

'Harold wins!'

On Aug 15, 2018 by Tiffany Kelly

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‘Star Wars’ actor John Boyega got his start as a stock image model

This is hilarious.

On Jan 11, 2016 by [email protected]

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One tweet about Trump, Sartre, and furry bondage porn encapsulates the Internet in 2015

Shine a stream of ones and zeroes through the prism of this tweet and you'll see it contains multitudes.

On Oct 28, 2015 by Aaron Sankin

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Wannabe porn stars’ cover letters are even funnier on stock photos

These people clearly didn't listen to their college career counselors.

On May 6, 2015 by EJ Dickson

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A Canadian newspaper actually used one of Vince Vaughn’s gag stock photos

Get your act together, Canada!

On Mar 4, 2015 by Greg Seals

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How to make money off your mobile photos

The Instagram profile is the new portfolio.

On Jan 28, 2015 by Elizabeth Robinson

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What stock photos of victims tell us about rape culture

Stock photos tell us what we think a perfect rape survivor should look like: White, middle class and on the verge of tears.

On Dec 31, 2014 by Casey Quinlan

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The Internet is having some NSFW fun with stock photos

No memes allowed.

On Jul 29, 2014 by Mike Fenn

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Stock photos of dudes are way funnier with PornHub comments

It's like Yahoo Answers’ tween army hoisting up 4chan to stare at boobs through a locker-room peephole.

On Oct 31, 2013 by Gaby Dunn

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Stock photos worth 1,000 laughs

Stock photos usually don't get a second glance. These photos are a bit different, especially with the Canvas treatment.

On Apr 17, 2012 by Fernando Alfonso III