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Stock photos of dudes are way funnier with PornHub comments

It’s like Yahoo Answers’ tween army hoisting up 4chan to stare at boobs through a locker-room peephole.


Gaby Dunn

Internet Culture

It’s truly bizarre that porn aggregation site PornHub even has a comments section, but the contents therein are, of course, gold—like Yahoo Answers’ tween army hoisting up 4chan to stare at boobs through a locker-room peephole. These salivating viewers can’t just enjoy the content and leave it alone; they have to express their opinion on every short porn clip they get off to. 

A new Tumblr, PornHub Comments on Stock Photos, shows just how ridiculously unnecessary these comments are by pairing them with innocuous stock photos of men on their computers. The juxtaposition is disturbing. The comments have all the classics: catspeak, Jew-hating, lewdness, and attempts to be Reddit-funny.

Here are some tame ones:




And it just gets worse and worse. It’s not often a Tumblr makes me lose faith in humanity, but when it does, it’s PornHub comments on stock photos.

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