men hand-trucking stacks of boxes into building (l & r) sarah huckabee sanders (c). There is a logo that says 'Digital Democracy' in a web_crawlr font in the bottom right corner.

Arkansas’ abortion ballot amendment fiasco

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) drew a ton of criticism for her statement about the situation.

On by Tricia Crimmins

Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders speaking into microphone in front of dark background

Dirty Delete: Sarah Huckabee Sanders has morphed into a creature of politics

She got into politics the old fashioned way, by being born into a political family.

On by Claire Goforth

Sarah Huckabee Sanders speaking into microphones in front of blue background and American flag

‘A Huckabee with a gun and a dog in the same photo is worrying’: Sarah Sanders hunting pic resurfaces sordid family story

They didn’t think it through.

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Trump joked that Sarah Sanders should have sex with Kim Jong-un

What a guy.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Sarah Huckabee Sanders

AOC and Sarah Sanders get in Twitter spat over people returning to work

‘Why don’t you go out and try delivering groceries?’

On by Allyson Waller

sarah sanders book

Sarah Sanders’ new book promises candid account of White House, does not include thumb

Where’s the thumb?

On by David Covucci

Sarah Sanders Book Titles Memes

Sarah Sanders is reportedly writing a book—and people have suggestions

A lot of people had jokes.

On by Andrew Wyrich

sarah sanders

Trump announces Sarah Sanders will leave the White House at the end of June

She’ll leave at the end of the month.

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Sarah Sanders MLK

Sarah Sanders, NRA deliver truly misguided MLK tributes

King was assassinated April 4, 1968.

On by Ellen Ioanes

constructive dialogue

White House frames fiery Oval Office meeting as ‘constructive dialogue’

‘I’ve seen friends have that kind of constructive dialogue about 6 weeks before one of them files for divorce.’

On by David Gilmour

jim acosta sarah sanders

Did Sarah Sanders post a doctored InfoWars video to justify CNN ban?

The edited footage draws criticism from experts.

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conservative costumes

This guy dresses up as the ‘scariest’ conservatives for Halloween every year

Red is the new orange and black!

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Comedy writer Keaton Patti wrote a parody script of a White House briefing—and it's more honest than the real thing.,

This imagined White House press briefing is more honest than the real thing

‘I don’t actually wish you a good afternoon and the President hates you.’

On by Kris Seavers

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White House ‘exploring’ revoking security clearance for ex-Obama officials

Apparently a number of people who have been critical of Trump may have their security clearance revoked.

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Sanders says John Kelly is upset over NATO breakfast food—but no one’s buying it

This is a bonkers response.

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